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Client: Sharpe Cars

Strategic Brand Management Attracts a New Generation of Car Buyers

Locally owned for more than 35 years, Sharpe wants to transform for the next generation: connecting with new customers, building brand loyalty and extending their highly personal customer experience across online and offline channels.

What We Did
Highland Group helps coordinate the brand and lead generation strategy for Sharpe. Together, we’ve evolved the Sharpe brand to be on par with the premium tactics from BMW, Jaguar and Land Rover, promoted new product launches, hosted sales events to bring customers into the dealership and significantly increased the performance of their digital ad campaigns.


1. Brief

Sharpe wanted to know: in a competitive market, fluid economy and changing automotive landscape, what’s the best way to build a new generation of Sharpe customers? How could their marketing investment deliver the strongest ROI while moving customers through the sales funnel?

3. Execution

Highland Group and Sharpe built a brand architecture and developed key messages to convey the value proposition. A new tagline, “Make Every Mile Memorable,” and logo set the foundation for an elevated brand expression. New car models, service offerings and even a re-launched pre-owned brand all build on this foundation. Advertising is measured and actively managed to deliver the greatest number of highly qualified leads.

2. Strategy

Highland Group recommended and lead a dual-pronged brand strategy: create tactics as premium as the automotive brands they represent and refine the marketing strategy to dial-in performance across all channels. The brand would emphasize its differentiators: local roots and an experience that feels like family.

4. Results

Mapping the customer journey and applying data-driven analysis to each stage of the buying process drove an increase in quality website traffic, leads and purchases. Marketing qualified leads increased 34%, social media followers are up 23% and in-dealership event attendance has grown consistently.
The Sharpe Collection Logo Animation

Dramatic black and white illustrations showcase the iconic car designs and unify multiple brands under the Sharpe name

The Sharpe Collection - BMW 8 Ad
34% Increase in qualified leads

Actively managed digital campaigns with on-brand messaging drive unique visits to inventory pages

The Sharpe Collection, A Better Buying Experience
The Sharpe Collection - Illustration

Integrated campaigns improve brand visibility and customer engagement

Highland Group partners with Sharpe to connect customers and make every mile memorable.

  • Photo: Lance Nelson Photo
  • Photo: Rich P. Photography