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Get Ready: Marketing in Times of Growth and Transition

Re-Opening and Jump-Starting Your Business

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What We Do

Clients come to Highland Group to make a difference with their brands.

We help organizations leapfrog to the next level, transform for the next generation and bring the next game-changing idea to market.

Our approach? Recruit and cultivate the best people. Empower them to do impactful work. Grow with measured intention.

We’re a brand and marketing studio offering definition and direction to our clients through a uniquely tailored mission for people, place and prosperity.

If it doesn’t make an impact, we’re not done yet.

Here you’ll find a team of friendly, confident, experienced professionals collaborating with you to develop on-point strategy, design captivating concepts and deliver tactics with measurable ROI.

Award-winning work from an award-winning place to work.

Our Consistent Results Start with a More Strategic Approach

Our process is deeply rooted in the lens of brand strategy and tempered with a pragmatic business sensibility. We are professional facilitators, which makes it faster to dive into projects, explore diverse ideas and build consensus. Our creative product excels not only for its beauty, but for its strategic accuracy and measurable results.
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The Highland Group Process

Select Clients

Proud to be a Best in the World: Community B Corp
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Make Your Mark

Highland Group is a full-service brand and marketing studio. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been helping people, businesses and communities make their mark, and make that mark matter. We do this by building brand awareness, generating and nurturing leads, engaging prospects, celebrating company culture and communicating with customers.
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