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Client: Kids' Food Basket

Intuitive Digital Experiences Help Fight Childhood Hunger

Every weekday, Kids’ Food Basket serves almost 9,000 evening meals called Sack Suppers but to continue growing, they needed to highlight all engagement opportunities, not just packing meals.

What We Did
Highland Group built a new website to better engage the community with the many ways to get involved. A custom-built Opportunity Finder on the site showcased all the opportunities to be a part of the mission. Strong calls to action and an engaging visual language help turn web visitors into volunteers.


1. Brief

Kids’ Food Basket is well known for providing food to hungry children through their brown bag Sack Supper program. As a result, volunteer requests for packing these meals are a perennial favorite. However, the organization is so much more. How could Kids’ Food Basket engage volunteers in the many ways to support the mission?

3. Execution

Highland Group architected, designed and programmed a website with brand-appropriate illustrations and a custom Opportunity Finder. This feature allowed volunteers to choose the opportunities that best suited their interests and available time while educating them on the full array of volunteer and giving needs.

2. Strategy

Kids’ Food Basket strategically focuses on four key areas: lowering the number of schools on their waitlist, providing nutrition to fuel healthy development, breaking the cycle of poverty and building strong communities. Highland Group approached the new website as an opportunity to highlight the full breadth of their mission.

4. Results

With clear messaging and friendly, engaging branding built on a WordPress content management system, this mobile-friendly website allows staff at Kids’ Food Basket to post for new needs while driving more than 120,000 potential volunteers to view service opportunities.
Kids' Food Basket website in a mobile frame
Kids' Food Basket Statistics
Kids' Food People of Kids' Food BasketBasket Volunteer Image

Illustrations and people-centered photography keep the spotlight on children and volunteer stories

Kids' Food Basket Icon Example
People of Kids' Food Basket

Community is the driving force behind Kids’ Food Basket

Special attention was given to visualizing the need for action at every turn. Reminding donors and volunteers that the mission is right here in their own backyards was an important way of creating impact and connection

People of Kids' Food Basket

HG connects volunteers with direct impact opportunities to nourish our youngest community members and help them reach their full potential.

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  • Photo: Sarah Koupal Photography
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