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Kent District Library

Client: Kent District Library

Renewed Identity For the Next Chapter of a Growing Brand

Kent District Library needed an updated brand identity to reflect its dynamic, innovative approach to serving all members of the community.

What We Did

Highland Group constructed a versatile logo system, color palette and pattern language that celebrated the library’s purpose and personality. A new branded house architecture provided structure across a vast range of programming. Together, the refreshed identity and architecture provide Kent District Library with communications tools to unify and strengthen their brand promise of Information, Ideas and Excitement.


1. Brief

KDL is an inventive, welcoming community partner serving nearly 395,000 citizens. Beyond print, digital and audiobooks, the library offers opportunities for fun and interactive learning for all ages with GoPro cameras and other technology, early literacy and K-8 STEAM programming, Career Online High School and adult enrichment classes. How could a new mark portray the excitement and opportunity KDL stands for?

3. Execution

Visually representing Information, Ideas and Excitement with distinct yet complementary elements brings KDL’s purpose to life in a versatile way. An energetic color palette, built to work across all mediums, communicates the personality of the brand. A clean, geometric font family welcomes patrons of all ages and a user-friendly brand guide helps the KDL team maintain consistency across locations, programs and offerings.

2. Strategy

Highland Group built on the foundation of why KDL exists: Information. Ideas. Excitement. Anchoring the new identity in this core purpose created an opportunity to draw attention to the depth and strength of KDL as a crucial community partner, able to deliver and supplement learning for residents of every age.

4. Results

KDL introduced its new identity online and in front of a sold-out Gala audience. The new brand architecture unites over 50 programs, events, services and KDL publications. New branded elements, from printed visitor collateral to the website (and even new library cards!), reflect a strong, vibrant, intentional organization.

Kent District Library Logo 2
Kent District Library - Information | Ideas | Excitement
Kent District Library Tote Bag
Kent District Library Graphic

Highland Group advanced the KDL vision for 2020 and beyond with branded visuals to exemplify a dynamic, engaging community partner.