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Client: Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Multi-Media Campaign Inspires New Community Conversations

The Grand Rapids Community Foundation made a strategic pivot in their mission and needed to inspire current and potential community partners to embrace this change.

What We Did
Highland Group crafted a purpose-driven framework with issue-focused stories brought to life in an Annual Report, video series and social media campaign. The Unlocking Our Potential campaign reminded community members the Foundation is taking an active role in breaking down barriers, encouraging new connections and strengthening the economy for everyone.


1. Brief

The Grand Rapids Community Foundation radically reconsidered how to align their processes and mission to focus on collective prosperity, not just “doing good.” How should the Foundation demonstrate this strategic evolution of their purpose, gain support from long-time community partners and inspire people to share social capital and connections, not just financial resources?

3. Execution

Re-arranging the Annual Report layout brought community partners together instead of in separate sections. Editorial photography and layouts created a new experience for readers that mirrored the new experiences the Foundation creates with its partners. A social campaign extended the messaging throughout the year and a video series showcased partners together.

2. Strategy

Highland Group approached the project inclusively to showcase everyone as a community partner and show, rather than tell, of the evolved mission. The campaign concept, Unlocking Our Potential, highlights the potential that exists within everyone, everywhere in our community.

4. Results

A shift in tone and perspective clearly communicated the Foundation’s mission to the public and opened opportunities for new layers of depth to community partnerships. New editorial point of view connected all aspects of the Foundation’s work and highlighted key focus areas.

Silver American Advertising Award

American Advertising Federation

Grand Rapids Community Foundation Print Brocure
Grand Rapids Community Foundation Illustrations
Grand Rapids Community Foundation Social Media Management
Grand Rapids Community Foundation Social Media Management

Key thoughts from community partners were extended to social platforms, keeping the conversation going on impact areas

Grand Rapids Community Foundation Photography
Grand Rapids Community Foundation Photography
Grand Rapids Community Foundation Photography

Inspired imagery shows community partners involved on the front line of change

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Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Highland Group defined a mission-aligned campaign to celebrate the potential we all have to make a difference in our community.

  • Video: Carbon Stories
  • Photo: Lance Nelson Photo