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Client: Emmanuel Hospice

Reassuring, Intentional Campaign Messaging Encourages Patients and Families

Emmanuel Hospice wants patients and their families to know hospice can be an experience that helps people live life to its fullest extent. 

What We Did

Highland Group developed a lead-generation and cultivation strategy to support families at a difficult time. A reassuring yet confident brand expression extends across their website, office environment, multi-channel advertising, customer communications and patient touchpoints; gently encouraging people to engage in conversation about how they want to live.


1. Brief

Emmanuel Hospice is focused on providing patients with the highest quality hospice experience. They begin by asking, “How do you want to live?” and tailor a custom plan for the patient’s physical, spiritual and emotional needs. How could this mission-based organization help family members engage earlier in the hospice process?

3. Execution

Highland Group created a multi-channel awareness campaign with timely and targeted content across social media, radio and digital advertising that encourages earlier engagement in the hospice process. Simple, joyful and friendly connections through the website, newsletter and other tactics help break down barriers and confront fears around hospice.

2. Strategy

Hospice is a topic rarely discussed until desperately needed: families feel as if calling hospice means giving up on a loved on. Highland Group’s strategy acknowledges this difficult position while encouraging people to take the first step. Targeted messages help set Emmanuel apart from the competition by highlighting their unique patient experiences and complementary therapies. 

4. Results

Working together, Highland Group and Emmanuel Hospice have created a comprehensive brand experience from first digital impression to a fully branded experience in a new office. As referrals and admissions continue to rise, our teams work together to optimize advertising efforts and adapt to changing audience behaviors and trends across mediums.

Emmanuel Hospice Logo
Emmanuel Hospice Social 1
Emmanuel Hospice Social 2
Emmanuel Hospice icons

Seamless brand experiences from digital to print, to in-person services

Emmanuel Hospice Photography
Emmanuel Hospice Photography
Emmanuel Hospice Photography
Emmanuel Hospice How Headline
Emmanuel Hospice Free Glass Clean Spray Bottle Label

Key differentiators are highlighted through campaign efforts, from Virtual Reality to Pet Visitor programs

Emmanuel Hospice Postcard SpringTea
Emmanuel Hospice Branded Spaces 2
Emmanuel Hospice Branded Spaces

Environmental graphics create a seamless brand experience

A close partnership allows Highland Group to continually advance the mission of Emmanuel Hospice and support patients and families throughout the community.

  • Photo: Alexander Pavone
  • Video: Alexander Pavone