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Client: Steelcase Health

Messaging Builds Brand Relevancy in Rapidly Evolving Category

Steelcase Health wants leading healthcare organizations to know the brand is more than just a clinical furniture manufacturer; they’re a strategic thought partner on how the built environment can positively impact today’s Quadruple Aim goals.

What We Did
Highland Group worked with Steelcase Health to develop a messaging framework that balances the emotional and rational across marketing tactics for research initiatives, product launches and showroom experiences. These tactics are deployed through Steelcase Health sales and the 800+ dealer channel in North America.


1. Brief

Reflecting on new regulations, evolving technology and an ever-changing competitive environment, Steelcase Health wanted to have a closer, more trusted relationships with its stakeholders. How could they leverage a refreshed business strategy and new market research to strategically shift the brand positioning?

3. Execution

Research-driven tactics supplement product launches and bring time-sensitive messages to market. Illustrations celebrate the role of patients, family and clinicians in co-creating the care experience. Expressive materiality and inspiring spaces celebrate product form and function in animations, presentations and look books. Print elements provide an educational and inspirational reminder of showroom settings.

2. Strategy

Highland Group crafted a messaging framework to align the brand’s value proposition with Quadruple Aim goals. Leveraging the power of the Steelcase brand, new language and an evolved visual expression highlight Steelcase Health’s human-centered and evidenced-based approach.

4. Results

New messaging aligned key communication channels, including web, social and sales. Evolved visual direction expressed in key research and product promotional tactics engaged prospects throughout the buying process.
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Enhance Patient + Family Experience

Steelcase Health - Improve Clinician+ Staff Experience

Improve Clinician + Staff Experience

Steelcase Health - Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

Achieve Better Population Health Outcomes

Visual storytelling aligns the brand to clients’ Quadruple Aim goals

Steelcase Health Seating Image
Steelcase Health Showroom

New research capitalized on a key opportunity for client cost savings: creating flexible healthcare spaces

Steelcase-HeaSteelcase Health - Graphic 2alth-18
Steelcase Health Illustration 2
Steelcase Health Illustration 3

Strategic messaging and visuals support timely healthcare topics like Virtual Care

Embold: Best of NeoCon Gold

Healthcare Guest and Lounge Seating

Steelcase Health - Seating Collection
Steelcase Health - Brochure

Highland Group helps Steelcase Health share their vision of a healthier future for patients, clinicians and the communities we all live in.

  • Illustration: Jody Williams
  • Photo: Steelcase