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HG Covid-19 Resources

Highland Group Is Fully Operational and Here to Help

We’ll continue to update this page with valuable resources and communications throughout the duration of Michigan Governor Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order.

Yes, Keep Me Posted On Covid-19 Communications Strategies

Here to Help


We can all agree: the last few weeks have been a period of significant disruption.

On one hand, it’s heartening to see so many clients, friends and neighbors doing their part to flatten the curve, whether it’s maintaining social distance from family and friends, working from home, educating their children or stepping in to support our essential workers.

On the other hand, the global economic upheaval and degree of sickness is overwhelming. It’s been challenging to find the right level of sensitive positivity in the face of so much uncertainty and loss.


Since Governor Whitmer issued her announcement to close all Michigan schools on March 12, 2020, Highland Group has been working from home. While we’re not in our beloved office at 645 Cherry, we have all the technology, services and brainpower needed to fully serve our clients remotely.

We’re incredibly proud of our team and how quickly they’ve helped our clients adjust existing plans and set new strategies.

As a Certified B Corporation, we’ve always had a mission for supporting people and the planet, not just profit. That’s never more true than now. 

For the duration of the Stay Home, Stay Safe executive order, we’ll continue to serve clients, share more strategies on communicating in a crisis and and provide any business or nonprofit with a free :15 minute Communications Health Check.

Now is an opportunity for us to work through this period of uncertainty together. As a community, we can overcome the unknown and build for what lies next. Highland Group is here to help.


Jen and Scott Crowley


9 Way to Communicate with Customers During “Stay Home, Stay Safe”

Because we are in such a rapidly evolving situation, it makes sense to review this list weekly. Finally, don’t forget to set a reminder in your calendar to change hours and take items down when things “return to normal.”

What Is the Right Tone?

It might be hard to know what to say in this situation, especially when circumstances are changing so quickly. You don’t know how others are handling the situation — who might be sick, stressed or even suddenly unemployed. It’s important to be factual in your communications and also empathetic. We’re all human, and we’re all experiencing this very unknown new reality together.

Twitter posted some helpful recommendations about modifying your brand voice during a crisis. Use communications to allow customers to connect with your brand and let the words you have written in your mission, vision and values shine, as Covid-19 is a true test of those words. This is where you want to connect with people, not sell them.

15-Minute Communications Health Check

Highland Group will provide a free 15-minute Communications Health Check for any business or nonprofit during the duration of Michigan Governor Whitmer’s “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order.

Use this form or call us at 616-528-8936 to start your Communications Health Check

We Are Here to Help

Highland Group has always been dedicated to helping businesses grow through periods of growth and transition. Sometimes these transitions can be overwhelming and stressful.

Our goal — as always — is to provide valuable ideas and direction.

We are fully operational and available remotely to discuss your communications strategy. We will continue to be pragmatic and nimble in our approach. We greatly value partnership with our clients and our community and we’ll do everything we can to get through this together.